About Solana

If you’re curious to know more about who I am, what I’m into, or my professional “expertise,” welcome.

My Self

I’m a mother, daughter, sister, healer, lover, friend, comrade.

I’m an empathizer, space holder, justice believer, and insatiable learner.

I identify as a white, queer, disabled cisgender woman. My pronouns are she/her. I often pass as straight and able-bodied, which has both advantages and challenges depending on the setting. I live with chronic and invisible illnesses that greatly impact how I move through the world, but I refuse to let them define me or my worth.

I’m a citizen of the United States and a settler on the stolen lands of the Potawatami, Peoria, and Miami Indigenous peoples. I currently live in the beautiful, vibrant city of Chicago, which I love in the summer but have come to realize is not the best place for me the rest of the year. My body and soul belong somewhere with an abundance of warmth and expansive natural scenery (one day…)

If you’re a personality typing geek like me–I’m an ENFP-T, and my signs are Pisces sun, Taurus moon, and Cancer rising. My Enneagram type is 4, wing 5, and my Human Design type is Manifesting Generator.

My spirituality is rooted in a variety of traditions and belief systems, including naturalistic pantheism, Celtic paganism, Germanic paganism, and Romuva. I use these practices to connect with my ancestral lineage and wisdom, my higher self, the Divine, and the natural world.

My Work

While I reject the current socio-political systems and structures that define the way people are deemed professionally qualified, credentialed, or competent, I recognize the importance of demonstrating one’s knowledge and ability in their given area of service.

I don’t proclaim to be any kind of expert, though I have spent considerable time learning and growing in professional literacy. My work is built on a foundation of lived experiences, formal and informal training, continued personal study, and the knowledge gifted to me by many mentors and guides.

I’m also committed to ongoing personal work with my own therapists and healers to unpack my privileges, unconscious biases, and internalized oppression (ableism, sexism), continue healing my own trauma, and ensure that I’m a safe resource for survivors with a variety of identities, particularly those who are marginalized and oppressed.

A taste of my relevant education and training:

  • Healing Sexual Trauma – professional training in trauma-informed care for social workers, coaches, movement teachers, and bodyworkers | by The Breathe Network
  • Embodied Healing Certificate – training program on the “Somatics & Psychology of Trauma, Healing & Embodiment” | by Embodied Philosophy
  • Understanding Rape Trauma – intensive course for wellness and mental health professionals on the neurobiology of trauma and rape culture | by Resilience Chicago
  • Wild Soul Movement Teacher Certification | by Wild Soul Movement, Inc.
  • Coaching as Activism – anti-oppression program for coaches, healers, and leaders who desire to make their work their activism | by Andréa Ranae Johnson
  • Reiki Master-Teacher Certification | by Lisa Powers Reiki & MSI Healing Center
  • Crystal Healing Certification | by Hibiscus Moon
  • Ayurvedic Head Massage Certification | by KEW Training Academy
  • Creating Culturally Sensitive Healing Spacesonline workshop | by The Breathe Network
  • Love as a Force for Social Justice and International Women’s Health & Human Rights – online courses | by Stanford University
  • The Science of Wellbeing – online course | by Yale University
  • Survivor’s Toolkit – self-paced curriculum offering frameworks, tools, and strategies for working with sexual trauma | by Pleasure Mechanics