Somatic Bodywork

With a passion for embodied healing, I offer a variety of energetic and somatic healing methods which align around the core belief that all survivors are innately whole. I use a holistic, trauma-informed, social justice-informed approach to address the impacts of sexual trauma on the body, and prioritize client safety, consent, and choice.

All bodywork and energy healing modalities are non-invasive and natural procedures. In-person sessions are performed fully clothed on a massage table or chair, and may include meditation, visualizations, and affirmations; as well as incorporating sound, light, as aromatherapy as desired. We discuss all methods used prior to your session, to whatever extent of detail you need to feel comfortable and safe.



Reiki is a Japanese healing arts modality designed to promote stress relief, relaxation, and self-healing. It is a simple and gentle treatment, which is performed using a light touch or no touch with my hands over agreed upon areas of the body, depending on your preference. Reiki treats the whole person including the body, mind, and spirit, and works well as a complement to other therapeutic techniques. Sessions may also be performed at a distance by transferring the energy virtually, and are found to be just as effective as in person.

Crystal Healing

Experience an energy healing session with the added benefit of crystals placed on or around your body. Together we choose specific crystals based on your individual needs, preferences, and goals, and incorporate them into a soothing guided meditation session. Each crystal is selected trepresent aspects of yourself that you’d like to enhance or a particular issue you’d like to work through. While crystals are not intended to be used as a cure for any ailment, they are an amazing tool for grounding, visualization, and facilitating self-empowerment and healing.

ASMR Massage

ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response is a scalp tingling sensation that many people experience when exposed to certain stimuli. More significantly, many ASMR triggers can relieve stress, anxiety, and insomnia associated with trauma. Each session begins with Ayurvedic head massage, a holistic treatment that focuses on the head, neck, face, and shoulders. This is then combined with one or several additions of your choice, including hair brushing, skin brushing, light tapping, soft speaking, and essential oils for an immersive, sensual healing experience.


In order to provide accessible care to all survivors, my bodywork offerings are priced on a sliding-scale basis. The highest price listed reflects the true cost of each service, and the scale slides down from there to accommodate a variety of financial access points.

 I believe you know your personal situation best, and rely on your honesty and integrity in determining what you can pay. You will never be judged or asked to provide income verification; I only ask that you reflect honestly on your economic reality and access to resources when placing yourself on the scale.

If you’re interested in a session and none of these rates work for you, I have a limited number of partial scholarships available, with priority given to marginalized folx (black, indigenous, people of color, disabled, lgbtq+, and sex workers). Please reach out to apply.

As this system is based on trust and sustainability for all involved, it works best when the high and low are balancedThank you in advance for your consideration.

Reiki —  60 min: $45-85 | 90 min: $85-125

Crystal Healing — 60 min: $45-85 | 90 min: $85-125

Reiki + Crystal Healing — 60 min: $60-100 | 90 min: $100-140

ASMR Massage — 60 min: $50-90 | 90 min: $90-130

ASMR + Reiki — 60 min: $70-110 | 90 min: $110-150