My Story

The first survivor I ever worked with was myself.

My journey of self-empowerment began shortly after a violent sexual assault left me shaken to my core. It wasn’t until I sought help for my extreme hyper-vigilance after this incident that I learned I’d already been living with trauma for years. The manifestation of that trauma as chronic illness and pain, anxiety, and depression had been part of my daily existence for so long, I hadn’t recognized it as resulting from situations I’d dealt with throughout my life. Instead I had blamed myself, feeling broken.

Over the course of my healing process, I started unraveling the countless ways my body had been sexualized, used, and abused without my consent. The realization that seemingly minor experiences—street harassment, unwanted touching, sexualized body shaming—had resulted in trauma was shocking at the time, but necessary to acknowledge to begin moving forward and reclaiming my own body.

I know I’m not alone in this revelation. Too many of us are familiar with the effects of living in a culture that stigmatizes, shames, and blames our bodies for any kind of negative sexual attention or experience, perpetuating trauma even outside of direct assault. But many of us are also just waking up to the idea that our myriad experiences of sexual violence are worthy of affirmation.

If you desire support in reclaiming yourself from any form of sexual trauma, you are not only welcome here—you are meant to be here. I don’t need to know the details of story to know that your experiences are valid, and you are worthy of being seen. I believe you, it was not your fault, and you are not alone.

Hi, I’m Solana, and I’m here to provide you with sacred space and loving guidance on your path toward freedom from sexual trauma.

As a sensual movement guide, somatic energy healer, and trauma resolution coach, I am unapologetic in my quest to help you courageously stand in your power and say yes to fierce self-love and reclamation.

My passion for energetic bodywork and sensual movement as trauma transformation tools came from the integral part each played in my own healing process. After years of working with a variety of therapists, coaches, healers, and spiritual guides, I found a few specific practices to be the magic that my system craved.

Now with nearly a decade of professional training, study, and experience in several healing arts modalities, I’m honored to witness the strength and resilience of survivors as I help them discover their innate ability to thrive. I offer Wild Soul Movement and private mentorship programs which are designed for womxn and feminine-identified non-binary survivors, while my bodywork practice supports people of all genders.

No matter where you are on your healing journey, I invite you to explore with me the incredible power you already hold within. Browse my offerings, learn more about me, or send me a note if you’d like to connect.

Thank you so much for being here. xo, Solana